2016 Sponsors

Special thanks to past sponsors!

Wheelin’ for Hope sponsors & donors are all integral parts in the 4×4 and/or local community.

By sponsoring, you get to be featured at several focal points of the event, including our Facebook, drivers packets, and banner display space – Details on each sponsor package are below.

Several things are needed to maximize the funds that we collect for cancer research at Wheelin’ for Hope:

  • Monetary support from sponsors interested in the 4×4 community and / or curing cancer.
  • Donations of merchandise for the purpose of a raffle on Saturday night of the event.
  • Donations of cash.
  • Sponsorships can be a combination of monetary donations and/or raffle/prize donations.

Be in touch with Tim Burnett if you are interested in learning more.

2016 Sponsors:

QPerfLogo jpg (1)


Colonial Auto Center


Trail Experience

First National Bank

Tiny2 Virginia four-wheel-drive



Akenly Signs



Mickey Thompson Virginia four-wheel-drive logo